About Us


We are a well established company that has been perfecting the art of manufacturing beedies for two generations, and more than 40 years. Our great success can be attributed to our excellent quality control procedures, and exceptional commitment to produce a high class product.

Our beedies provide a richer flavour, smoother smoke and greater satisfaction. The unique formula of blended tobacco has been handed down from one generation to the next and it is this quality blend which produces the rich Shakti characteristic flavour so loved by our many loyal customers, both domestic and international.

Product Range

  • Tobacco Beedies
  • Pure Herbal beedies
  • Herbal Blend Beedies (Tobacco and Herbal Mix)
  • Flavoured Beedies
  • Filter Tipped Beedies

Process & Quality
Beedies are produced simply and naturally. Note that no harmful synthetic chemicals are used and the entire process is performed manually by highly skilled workers.

Fully grown Khendu leaves are handpicked from the evergreen wild jungles and cut to the required sizes using templates. This 100% natural product replaces the man-made paper wrapping used in normal cigarettes.

Different varieties of the best quality tobacco are sourced from many different places in the country. This ensures that we can ensure the highest standards of quality. These different varieties of tobacco are skilfully mixed to ensure the right blends which are necessary for the various flavours of beedie we produce.

Just the right quantity and blend of tobacco is placed into the Khendu leaves, which are then carefully hand-rolled and securely tied with a thread. Our beedies are dried in coal-fired furnaces to ensure that the product has all of the moisture removed and to develop the true, rich flavour of the tobacco. Once this process is completed, the beedies are packed and ready for distribution. This is the perfect way to produce a quality hand-rolled beedie cigarette.

We are providing financial empowerment
The cottage industry of manufacturing beedies allows skilled workers to perform their work from their own homes. Beedie rolling provides a livelihood to the rural millions. It also provides seasonal and part-time vocational employment to innumerable farmers, and housewives of rural India.

Please remember When you light a beedie, you not only illuminate the poor home of the worker, but you also support and help sustain a traditional craftsmanship in India

More reasons to choose beedies before normal cigarettes

  1. cigarette is wrapped in man-made paper which contains many chemicals. When this synthetic substance burns, it generates toxic fumes. A beedie is wrapped in Khendu leaf, a natural substance which is less toxic.
  2. A Cigarette contains much more tobacco than a beedie. A beedie, being smaller and containing less tobacco, is smoked for a shorter period of time; yet still provides the same levels of satisfaction.
  3. Not forgetting our Pure Herbal Beedies, which contain no tobacco.


  • Over 600 additives can be used in the production of cigarettes.
  • Two of the effects of these are to increase 'free' nicotine levels so that the cigarette becomes more addictive and to dilate the airways to allow deeper, more damaging inhalation.
  • These additives can contain up to 4,000 chemicals, some of which are toxic and addictive in their own right.